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    Video Monitoring SystemOnline Inquiry
    Product Description:
    Advanced System Architecture
        Intelligent monitoring platform introduces the idea of NGN and soft-switching, separates the system control signal from the business data load, improves the flexibility of system design and hardware deployment, meets the requirements of large-scale reliable deployment and smooth expansion, and supports the access of large-capacity audio and video codec equipment and monitoring customers.
        The platform structure adopts low coupling distributed design, supports load balancing technology, and can be flexibly deployed according to network transmission and construction cost.
        The platform supports the access of audio and video coding and decoding equipment which conforms to the national standard GB/T-28281, Telecom Global Eye, ONVIF/PSIA and other mainstream standards. The platform provides GB/T-28281 international standard interface to the outside world, which can facilitate system interconnection, such as seamless interconnection with Ping'an City, and realize the sharing and interoperability of cross-regional monitoring resources.
        The platform architecture facilitates the expansion of the later system and the analysis and processing of data.
  • Product Feature
  • Efficient Streaming Media Technology
        Video data of intelligent monitoring platform is encoded in H.264, MPEG-4 and other digital streaming media formats, and transmitted through IP network through RTP/RTCP protocol. Data transmission supports forwarding, distribution and multicast.
        The amount of scene picture data collected by surveillance video equipment, especially high-definition video equipment, is huge. Due to the limitation of network bandwidth and other conditions, direct transmission will lead to serious network congestion and picture delay. The use of streaming media technology to compress and encode video pictures before transmission reduces the demand for network bandwidth. It can realize the transmission of multi-channel video on limited bandwidth. At the same time, the video clarity has not been significantly reduced and delayed, thus saving the construction cost of network transmission system. Users can flexibly set parameters such as buffer according to the network conditions to achieve the effect of fluent picture and low delay.
        The use of streaming media technology can greatly reduce the backbone network construction investment, improve the real-time video picture and the quality of video picture.
    Professional storage systems
        Platform storage supports mainstream storage hardware such as IP-SAN, NAS, disk array cabinet, ISCSI, NFS, CIFS and other professional storage protocols.
        The platform storage system adopts the mode of hardware distributed deployment and data unified index. It supports setting storage tasks according to the conditions of hardware network distribution, network bandwidth limitation, storage capacity requirement and storage authority control. The front-end storage and central storage are flexibly configured to ensure the security and reliability of system data, and it can also locate and schedule quickly. The monitoring data of the system can be combined and retrieved according to time interval, monitoring point, alarm event, key reference point and so on. It also supports slicing video files according to time interval to locate the time point of the event quickly, so that the accident can be retrieved and traceable.
    Compatibility and openness
        The platform is compatible with the monitoring cameras, matrices, switchers and other equipment of most manufacturers. It supports DVR, DVS and IP cameras of major brands at home and abroad, perfectly accesses the equipment of mainstream front-end equipment manufacturers (beacon fire, Haikang, Dahua, Jingyang, SONY, VEDIOCOM, etc.), and meets the needs of vast number of customers and abundant support of equipment manufacturers, and enables users to choose equipment. More flexible, not subject to the constraints of equipment manufacturers.
    Monitoring Based on GIS
        GIS maps are intuitive and informative. Combining with monitoring system can help commanders quickly grasp the situation around the scene.
        When a critical event occurs, the device icon associated with the map blinks strikingly, and the system pops up the event-related information, video, etc. The commander can click, frame, search for peripheral monitoring, control, mobile devices, call out real-time video and issue instructions to the relevant equipment and personnel to achieve rapid response to the event.

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