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    Visual Recognition System for Material VolumeOnline Inquiry
    Product Description:
        Recognition of material volume and stack type of belt conveyor belt is the basic condition to judge whether the belt is overloaded, overloaded (resulting in spraying) and unbalanced load (spraying and efficiency reduction). Real-time volume data is an important basis for evaluating the conveying efficiency of belt conveyor system. Real-time judgment and calculation of cross-section volume of material on tape by machine vision method can accurately judge the volume of material, and provide real-time fault picture or video stream. Through the analysis of overload, overload and unbalanced load of tape, the efficiency evaluation system of belt conveyor can be established, the shortboard existing in the system can be maintained in time, the operation efficiency can be improved, and machine vision can be achieved. It can achieve tasks that can not be accomplished by manual inspection, timely and accurate.
        The vertical tape is equipped with a linear green light source and a high-speed network camera at a 45-degree angle with the tape. The green contour line is captured by image recognition technology. The cross-section shape and volume of the material on the tape are judged and calculated by different imaging points of different conveying volume.
  • Product Architecture
  • Product Feature
  • Func and Applications

    Automatic recognition of tape material stack type by machine vision to determine whether the blanking point is in the right position
    Judging instantaneous and continuous flow of tape by continuous recognition of stack type by machine vision
    It can be integrated with visual recognition of running deviation, and the cause analysis of running deviation is given.
    It can be used in various complex and harsh working conditions to adapt to different material conveying systems.
    Running stably and reliably, maintenance is small, and the software can be upgraded continuously in the later period.
    Judging whether the blanking point is aligned by identifying the stack type of the tape material, guiding the operation and maintenance
    The instantaneous flow rate of tape can be judged by identifying the stack type, the cause of instantaneous flow overload can be found, and the spraying can be avoided.
    For special Transshipment Station layout, the material point adjustment baffle can be controlled by identification of tape stacking.
    By identifying the stack type, active rectification control is given to the abrupt material point deviation during operation, so as to avoid spraying and improve the conveying efficiency.
    Recognition of stacking volume of cantilever belt and ground belt for bucket wheel machine can guide bucket wheel machine operation and improve operation efficiency.
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